A Poem For “Sove”

Once in a lifetime a superstar horse comes along,

This was the case with Soviet Song,

On the racecourse you should have seen her,

Ridden to victory by Oscar Urbina,

Before each race I could not feel tensor,

Especially when she was ridden by Jamie Spencer,

Even when her feet started to hurt her,

She gave her best for Johnny Murtagh,

She won her maiden at the first attempt,

Treating “unbeatable” Airwave with complete contempt,

She won the Sweet Solera in majestic style,

Followed it up in the Fillie’s Mile,

A respectable 1000 Guineas fourth place,

When she couldn’t quite get into the race,

The Falmouth Stakes a race she would win twice,

The third occasion she lost, but two would suffice,

She won The Matron Stakes, and The Ridgewood Pearl,

What a filly! what a girl!,

In The Sussex Stakes in successive years first, and then second,

A place in history now surely beckoned,

Her final win in the Windsor Forest Stakes,

She always had just what it takes,

Retired to stud but she struggled to foal,

Eventually she would achieve her goal,

Born to her a son called Soviet Dream,

Not as good as his mum but he still ran with esteem,

A second son Roubles just last year arrives,

Still on the racecourse the family name survives,

James Fanshawe will miss her, and so will Elite,

How good would she have been without dodgy feet,

At fifteen years old she sadly died,

The day I heard the news I just cried,

Missing her most will be her lass Steph,

Who would feed “Sove” Polo’s to help sweeten her breath,

Whenever “Sove” had an itch,

Scratch her back and her top lip would twitch,

Now “Sove’s” up in horsey heaven, grazing at the top table,

She has left behind her an empty stable.
















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